Atlangram : Built on the EA3826 recognized expertise and to answer the increasing requests coming from public/private partners, the CRO company Atlangram had been created in June 2011 . Atlangram is specialized in preclinical efficacy testing of antibacterial agents thanks to its comprehensive in vitro and in vivo studies (screening & discriminant models).

HAP2 : HAP2 is part of the H2020 european program.  The purpose of this project is to evaluate host-targeted approaches for the prevention and the treatment of hospital-acquired pneumonia. After a decade used to increase our understanding of the physiopathology of HAP, we are now developing new molecules targeting immunity up to clinical tests. We are planning to include the very first patients in phase 2 randomized clinical trials evaluation our molecules in January 2021. (Patent WO2019016109A1 : Interleukin 12 (IL12) or derivative thereof for use in the treatment of nosocomial disease).
Olgram : Olgram is a biotechnology company specialized in the development of molecules found in algae to fight against antibiotic resistance. The company approaches this problem by developping highly effective and safe antibacterials and immune system stimulants. Olgram and EA3826 are collaborating since 2019 through a joint lab project. (Patent FR3087338A1 : Algae extract for use in the treatment or prevention of post-trauma immunosuppression)
Satt Ouest Valorisation : This Technology Transfer Accelerator Office has the mission to simplify and professionalize technology transfer from French academic research toward industry. Our project  about the measurement of the auto-fluorescence of leucocytes in the respiratory fluid for the diagnosis of HAP in critically ill patients (biomarker for the diagnosis) is currently in the maturing process. (Patent  WO2012127003 : Cytological method using the auto fluorescence of white corpuscles for the early diagnosis and the monitoring of infections).